Yuan & Renan (Beach Bohemian at Ombak Luwung)

Published on 100LayerCake.com

It was a dream come true for us. Thanks to Elvira and her team for making our day so perfect. We started to look for a wedding planner about a year ago. Before I found Hari Indah website, we tried with another popular local wedding planning company. What attracted me and made me thinking of giving another try is what it’s written on the first page:  “We believe that your wedding should not be anything short of style and your own personal touch”. After our first email and first phone call with Elvira, we knew we made the right choice, to change our planner and trust Hari Indah. This wedding was exactly what I wanted since I was a little girl. All my friends told me “This is the best wedding we have ever been and It’s so your style!” Elvira and her team did an amazing job and we can’t be more happy than this. 

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